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For Hybrid Teams

Halo is a powerful and accessible solution that helps your business to improve communication, bring remote teams together, and promote employee wellbeing.

Halo Intranet

We believe technology and wellbeing can come together to create great and happy workplaces.

Utilise your technology stack to ensure a duty of care to employees and create a place people want to be.

A happy workforce is a productive and successful workforce - which in turn creates a productive and successful business.

Halo can take you there.

Say Hello to Halo...

Reduce digital distraction

Reduce digital distraction by removing unnecessary interruptions and centralising key announcements.

Increase staff retention

Reinforce corporate culture and improve efficiency to create a happier workplace.

Improve internal communications

Centralise key announcements on your social intranet and messages to improve communication in the modern workplace.

Bring remote teams together

A new intranet supports company culture in a remote working pattern by bringing teams back together even when they’re apart.

Boost employee engagement

Have your own company intranet to create a fun and social space to improve morale and discourage unnecessary out-of-hours communications.

Promote Digital-Wellbeing 

Reduce the negative impacts of hybrid working with our in-built systems specifically designed to combat burnout, work-related stress & anxiety and your team feeling left-out or forgotten.

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Halo Covers It All

We see a world where... the modern workplace is one that serves the customer, the business and the employee.

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Key Intranet Features

Halo is stocked with the perfect amount of useful features to empower your team whilst not overloading them with a multitude of unwanted (and unused) aspects of many other intranet software.

Compatible with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace organisations:

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace compatible

Improve efficiency by accessing all your systems from one central place. No more searching through emails to find links for systems!

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Make those hard-to-find documents, guides, and SharePoint links or Google Drive files easy to find with our document library.

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Find existing staff and introduce new team members with their own profile, complete with their key skills. Search and find the right staff member who can help with specific tasks.

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Help your employees to manage their time effectively and focus on their tasks at hand with our built-in Pomodoro Technique Timer.

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No more forgotten passwords! Sign-in once and have access to everything without needing your teams to remember yet another password.

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Encourage recognition within your teams by utilising our customisable employee nomination feature for employee of the month style awards.

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Receive suggestions and ideas from employees with optional anonymity.

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Integrate your existing company calendar to help your team keep up to date with key projects, meetings or training.

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Hello Halo Key Features

A Guide on how to implement an Intranet into your Business

Everything you need to know on how to successfully implement a new intranet into your organisation.

Hello Halo Book

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Halo is already producing game changing results to many notable organisations.

Our teams have decades of experience in the digital field and know exactly what is needed to make Hello Halo an essential piece of software in the day to day running of your business.

Companies who have said hello to Halo, thousands of employees trust us:
Fable Data
University of Wolverhampton
Six Ticks

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Want to see the system in action? Not sure how the tool could fully work in your organisation?

Book a consultation with one of our team.

With this demo, you can find out the full benefits of what Hello Halo can offer you and your organisation to shape the culture of the company, you want to work for.

What Our Customers Say

We commissioned an Intranet for us that combined a number of internal systems and gave us the added benefit of a social hub where our teams can post news and comment. The team worked with us from the design concept through to launch. Throughout they were patient, listened and adapted their thoughts to meet the needs of our business. I’m delighted with the end result.

Neil Lloyd
FBC Manby Bowdler

We have been working with Six Ticks as our technology partner for over 3 years. During this time they have delivered on a number of creative projects, most recently this has included a new Intranet, which has been critical to our internal communications over the last few months. Six Ticks combines client focused account management with the best technical development team meaning they can provide innovative and flexible digital solutions that support our brand and the commitment we make to delivering a stellar service. They are also a fab team to work with, friendly, responsive and always on hand to provide practical guidance and advice. Thank you!

Laura Jones
FBC Manby Bowdler

We commissioned Six Ticks to create an Intranet for us that combined a number of internal systems and gave us the added benefit of a social hub where our teams can post news and comment. We've worked with Six Ticks for years and they always bring an innovative approach to the table. They worked with us from the design concept through to launch. I’m delighted with the end result, we now have a really engaging one-stop Intranet, which is very easy to use.

Shanice Pearson
FBC Manby Bowlder