5 cool Halo Intranet features that boost Remote Teams
06 Nov 2023

Halo intranet was developed to revolutionise the way that hybrid and remote teams work together and as a distributed team ourselves, we use our intranet every day and love the way it brings our team together for chats, collaboration, feedback, and skill sharing.

So we’re excited to share the top 5 super cool Halo features that make every working from home day rock!

1. Does Anyone Speak Spanish?

Struggling with Excel? Need a Spanish translator? Or someone to write some powerful prose?

Halo’s interactive searchable staff directory features a full profile that goes beyond a job title and contact details and features a photo, workplace skills, personal hobbies, preferred way of working, and even personality type.

The directory is perfect for remote workers who want to get to know their colleagues or get help when Excel inevitably plays tricks on them.

Plus, who knew that Dave from Accounts plays the drums?

Oh, and if you’re new or you’ve forgotten who’s who in your organisation, Halo’s new interactive organisational chart, will help you out.

2. Turn Focus Mode On

We get it, when you work from home it can be difficult to concentrate and get stuff done. Colleagues keep emailing you, the washing needs hanging up, and your friends keep sending you cute GIFS of puppies dressed as Ewoks.

Don’t worry, we know what it’s like and we’ve got you covered. Halo’s built-in Pomodoro Timer is here to help you to shut out the distractions and focus, focus, focus! 

Just click on the timer, choose your task completion time, and turn focus mode on! The timer will start, intranet notifications will pause, and it’s time to get your head down and get on. 

When the timer hits zero, take a short break, check the intranet for the latest announcements, and then start again with the next task. Give it a go - you’ll be surprised by how much you get done!

3. Know What Your Team’s Thinking

When you don’t work side-by-side with your colleagues every day, it can be hard to know what they think about work, life, the universe - all the important stuff.

Luckily Halo intranet has features to help your staff interact and share; polls, nominations, and suggestions forms make it super easy for employers to ask questions and for employees to have their say. There are even anonymous options if you really want to encourage honest feedback.

4. 3,2,1…


Got a big deadline or launch coming up? Want to build hype around an upcoming corporate event or the office Christmas party?

Halo’s countdown timer is snuggly nestled on your home screen so the whole team can see it and get excited/focused/in-the-know for the next big deadline!

5. What Do We Want? Perks! Where Do We Find Them? Urrrrm…

So many companies offer amazing perks and employee support, but they are usually gathering dust in an employee handbook.

Employee perks are important for employee wellbeing and building a positive team culture, so Halo puts them at the forefront through easily accessible health & wellbeing links.

Because people love free stuff, but they need to be able to find it.

Ready to Explore More Super Cool Halo Features?

Halo intranet has so many brilliant features to bring remote teams together that we could go on and on...But we thought we’d stop here and set you free to explore the world of Halo yourself!

Check out our website for more features or get in touch for a free demo and friendly chat with our team.