Are Face-to-Face Meetings Still Important In Business?
27 Mar 2023

Remote and hybrid working is here to stay and the times they are a’changin.

For many, video meetings are now the norm and leaving home or the office to meet clients or colleagues in person feels like an effort equal to taking a trip to Timbuktu.

It’s true that with the development of technology, in-person meetings are needed much less than before the pandemic, but does that mean we should scrap them altogether?

The team here at Halo are the biggest advocates for technology that brings businesses together (that’s why we created our industry-leading intranet software!) but we still believe that if it’s logistically possible, then occasionally meeting in person can be important.

That’s why this week, we’re sharing the top 5 reasons we aren't ready to ditch face-to-face meetings quite yet.

Build Deeper Relationships

Without a doubt, networking and face-to-face meetings help build deeper relationships with clients. They provide the opportunity for you to gain a deeper understanding of a business or project, as well as find out more about the person behind it.

Improve Focus

Who hasn’t sneaked a look at their phone, or quickly replied to an email whilst on a video call?

When you’re not in the same room, it’s all too easy to not give your full attention.

Add that to the classic video call tropes of a lousy internet connection, a child breaking free from their babysitter, and everyone at some point being ‘on mute’, and it’s easy to stutter through a meeting and lose momentum.

Being face-to-face cuts out distractions and allows for the right amount of focus and flow.

Give Each Other the Time You Deserve

Video meetings often get sandwiched into people’s already packed schedules and therefore can end abruptly with people hastily logging off to get to their next appointment.

For face-to-face meetings, people usually invest a greater amount of time which means everything gets covered properly and there is even often time for another coffee at the end, this encourages deeper conversations relationships and off-agenda topics to be discussed which can be great for business.

Improve Creativity and Collaboration

Face-to-face meetings can often feel less rigid than video calls, which can lead to unexpected conversations, skill swapping, and a deeper understanding of each other.

Have Difficult Conversations

Let’s face it. Sometimes projects fall behind or there can be misunderstandings or unforeseen challenges. Clients often understand this, but discussing these from behind a screen may not be the best approach. Meeting face-to-face shows your commitment to the client and finding the right solution to any problems you are facing.

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