Halo Intranet Wellbeing Update 1022
10 Oct 2022

Another update to the Halo Intranet system is here! This quarter's update is focused around increasing the digital wellbeing & health of our users, your employees, by decreasing the risk of stress, distractions and work-based anxiety.

The primary feature of The Wellbeing Update 10/22 is the introduction of the Health and Wellbeing page into our intranet systems. “Health & Wellbeing” will be a new section in your already existing intranet system that will allow you and your team to add links to key systems and documents related to the health and wellbeing options you have in place for them. This can be anything from financial wellbeing services you provide, healthcare plans or even a schedule for your weekly Zoom call yoga sessions. Having a specific and easily reachable dedicated section that your hybrid team can go to when they need assistance reduces unneeded stress and the risk of severe burnout, whilst showcasing your support for your employee's digital wellbeing.

Alongside our system's ability to allow you and your team to make suggestions through the custom forms feature, with The Wellbeing Update 10/22 comes the ability to submit these suggestions and ideas anonymously. If this feature is activated it will allow your team to safely make suggestions or ask for assistance in a comfortable and safe environment where they know they are anonymous whereas they may have not done so if their name was attached to said message.

With this update also comes our new edition of the “Focus Mode” button. Once pressed, the user's intranet view will be switched into focus mode which will clear the screen of all features and display only the Pomodoro Timer, an explanation of what the Pomodoro Timer is used for and the option to exit this screen whilst also disabling updates and notifications.

The Pomodoro timer is an effective time management system that aids you to work in short bursts whilst remembering to take breaks. Combined with “Focus Mode” it is an efficient method to increase concentration and productivity, as it combats distraction through blocking interruptions & reduces the risk of procrastination as the brain knows designated “procrastination time” is allotted in the form of a break. The positives of your team using this feature include:

  • A reduction in stress and anxiety through motivation, increased organisation and a boost in productivity.
  • Increased focus which is perfect for tackling difficult or large workloads.
  • Forces you and your team to focus on one task at a time, reducing juggling multiple tasks at once and allowing for efficient and effective working practices.
  • Better time management is created through the reduction of distractions caused by outside sources such as updates and notifications. The Pomodoro timer also helps you to split large tasks into smaller chunks whilst creating set time frames for you to work towards.

Employee Digital Wellbeing is at our core, and we want to make it front and centre in our and your Intranet. We see this high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) within an organisation increases retention and employee happiness. This makes this release huge for us, and we hope you enjoy it too!

We are releasing updates every quarter so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for exciting new updates by following us on social media. If you want to know more about how Halo can aid you and your team in the hybrid workplace make sure to head over to our features section or if you have any burning questions and want to know more feel free to send us a message.