Head of Remote - The New Position for Remote/Hybrid Teams
18 Aug 2023

Head of Remote is a job title you may not have heard of before, but, in a post-pandemic world where remote working and hybrid working is becoming the norm, it’s a role that could become integral to businesses that operate with a hybrid or remote workforce.

Gitlab, Facebook, Nationwide, Unilever, and LinkedIn are all early leaders in hiring specific roles to manage remote workers in the digital workplace. But what is a Head of Remote? And does your business need one?

We take a look at remote working in a post-pandemic world and why Head of Remote is a job title we’ll be seeing more and more.

Hybrid and Remote Working Is Here to Stay

During the pandemic, almost half of all working adults in the UK worked from home at times. Stats show that many of these workers will continue to do so going forward (Is hybrid working here to stay? 2022):

In February 2022, more than 8 in 10 UK workers said they planned to continue to work either remotely or part-remotely.
The proportion of workers who hybrid work has risen from 13% in February 2022 to 24% in May 2022

One thing’s for sure, remote working is here to stay and with this many businesses are investing in technologies, systems, and even people to support this new way of working.

What Is a Head of Remote?

The Head of Remote is responsible for - you guessed it - all things remote!

The role varies from company to company but the Head of Remote is responsible for creating a positive and effective culture for remote and hybrid employees. It can include:

  • Onboarding
  • Ensuring Effective Communication
  • Health and Safety
  • Digital Wellbeing
  • Learning and Development
  • Security and Systems
  • Productivity
  • Employee Support

An effective Head of Remote will be the bridge between the business and all employees who work remotely and will be responsible for ensuring that employees have everything they need to succeed and avoiding any barriers to communication.

Does My Company Need a Head of Remote?

Since the pandemic, the modern workplace has seen rapid transformation and employers must recognise this and adapt to the changes that remote working brings to company culture, employee health and wellbeing, communication, and productivity to create a good working environment for all.

If your company offers remote working, investing in your remote setup is a no-brainer, and a Head of Remote could be a key addition. If you’re a smaller company that isn’t quite ready to invest in an in-house position, then there are also specialist remote working consultants who charge a one-off fee to assess and improve your remote set-up.

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