How to Celebrate the Achievements of Hybrid and Remote Teams
27 Jul 2023

Halo intranet believes that a happy workforce is a loyal and productive one, but when it comes to remote working and hybrid working, are employers getting employee appreciation all wrong?

A recent survey found that 50% of UK employees feel underappreciated at work (Baker, 2020) - and 1 in 5 home workers felt they received less recognition since they started working remotely (Killander, 2022).

This is despite the fact research shows that employees who feel appreciated are more likely to be engaged and productive, and less likely to have frequent absences or change jobs.

But a happy, productive remote workforce doesn’t happen by chance. It takes a little bit of work, a reduction in barriers to communication, and the right tools. Luckily here at digital workplace experts Halo intranet, we’re happy to share our top tips on how to get recognising employees who are working remotely right.

Create Positive Vibes

When you’re working remotely, it can be trickier to observe little pockets of hard work - those moments when employees have gone the extra mile to help a colleague or finish a task.

But these little things make a big difference to a business, so it’s essential for employee satisfaction that employers know about them and celebrate them.

Halo’s intranet’s employee suggestions and team member nomination features make sure good work doesn't go unnoticed and help to build a culture where employees are encouraged to share great achievements and celebrate each other.

Send Coffee…or Cake…or Lunch

When you work from home, you often miss out on the little perks of office-based workers, like being taken out for lunch or being bought a cappuccino from the great little Italian around the corner.

That’s why, as a remote worker, hearing a little knock at the home office door and finding that your employer has sent you coffee, cake, lunch - or all three, really does give you a little boost and makes your hard work and achievements feel super appreciated.

Offer Great Perks (and make sure employees can find them)

People love free stuff and what better way to show employees you appreciate them than to offer great perks?

If you’re getting the team together for a meetup or celebration, build the excitement and share event information by pinning it to your Halo intranet social media feed or posting in your Halo shared intranet calendar.

And if your company offers a bunch of great employee perks, it’s important to make sure your team knows about them. Halo intranet’s health & wellbeing feature makes it easy for employers to promote perks and for your employees to find them! Hurrah!

Ask Them!

Unless you’re psychic, or the employee whisperer, you probably can’t read your employee's minds.

That’s why the best way to know how your employees want their achievements to be recognised is to ask them!

Halo's intranet’s internal social feed makes collecting feedback easy. Set up a quick employee engagement survey and ask your team to vote on how they’d like to celebrate achievements and show your appreciation in a way that actually works!

Build a Great Remote Team Culture with Halo Intranet

Halo intranet is packed with features that help employers to ace employee communication and culture for remote and hybrid teams. If you’d like to learn more about how Halo intranet brings remote teams together, visit our website or contact us for a free demo.


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