Research Highlights Common Challenges Faced by Remote Teams
05 Dec 2023

It feels like the news is full of research on the positives of hybrid and remote working, but the truth is that working from home isn’t always a walk in the park. 

Whilst remote workers often smugly boast about the benefits of remote working - the flexible hours, the instant commute, all that extra time for the gym, etc, etc…etc. No matter how many perks, without the right systems and support in place, there are negatives that can seep into a remote worker's daily life and sap away joy and impact productivity.  

The team at Halo intranet are passionate about enabling remote teams to excel, so we’ve taken a deep dive into the biggest problem faced by remote workers and managers. Here are the key stats:

42% of UK remote workers feel lonely and 67% feel ‘disconnected’ from their colleagues. (Get the Now)

27% of managers disliked working from home due to poor team communication and 15% said that remote work made it hard to feel like a team. (Hubble)

70% of remote workers said it’s often difficult to contribute or be part of video conversations. (Owl Labs 2021)

71% of remote workers feel their work colleagues are more distant than if they were in the office. (HR News)

71% of managers say employees will leave if they don’t have the tools to do their jobs well and 91% of employees are frustrated with technology at work. (Freshworks)

48% of organisations said they have no data about whether what they send to their employees is being read. (VRAMP)

How Intranet Systems Boost Remote Teams

The stats show that poor communication and isolation are the biggest issues faced by remote workers. It’s therefore important that employers address these to support a happy and productive remote workforce.

So here’s the good news - Halo intranet is here to help! 

Halo offers a private, online space where employees and managers can interact and share skills, and access internal systems and wellbeing resources. It was designed to help remote employers to ace internal communications and bring employees together.

Want to find out more? Check out Halo’s features or contact us for a free 30-minute demo.