Time to Ditch the Office? The Pros of Hiring Remote Workers
18 Dec 2023

As experienced remote employers and developers of Halo intranet software for remote teams, we love to share our experiences in order to help other businesses take the steps into hybrid or remote hiring.
Lately, we’ve noticed there have been many articles on the benefits of being a remote employee, but few on the benefits of hiring remote employees.
So this week is for the employers as we look at how scrapping the office and hiring a remote team could supercharge your business.
Here we go…

Keep Those Costs Down

If you’re just starting a business or looking to save on rising costs, office space or premises can bring high outlays and cut into your profits.
Whilst hiring and managing a remote team still involves moderate costs for things like hardware, software and equipment for employees, it is estimated that a remote hire can save a business £5,000 per employee when compared to hiring an onsite employee.

Recruit and Retain the Best Talent

Research from ResumeOK found that the demand for remote employment in the UK was almost 1000% higher in 2022 than it was in 2019.
With such an engaged talent pool available, hiring location-independent employees and offering flexible working for existing employees can be a great move, not only enabling your business to find a highly skilled candidate, but also someone who is the right fit for your team.
With more and more workers embracing hybrid or remote working lifestyles, businesses need to accommodate flexible working and use purpose-built systems like Halo intranet that enable hybrid teams to thrive.

Enjoy Higher Staff Output

Numerous studies have found that remote workers are more productive and focused when working from home as they benefit from ditching the commute and a quieter working environment.
Halo intranet is there to supercharge remote teams, with interactive productivity tools, including deadline timers, company directory and skills finder, and central access to all your organisation’s key systems.

Have a Happier Workforce

A study by Tracking Happiness found that working remotely can increase employee happiness by up to 20%. Happy staff make for a happy productive workplace, so that’s another big tick for hiring remote workers!
But working remotely isn’t an instant recipe for happiness! Great remote employers invest in great systems that help employees to shine. Halo intranet’s social and wellbeing features do just that and make for a happier, more productive workplace.

Explore the World of Remote Working With Us

Employing a fully remote workforce takes a lot of planning and great management skills but for many businesses can bring huge rewards.
If you want to find out more about how Halo intranet software can help your remote team to thrive, and keep up-to-date with the world of remote working, then check out our intranet news.