What is an Intranet and how can it benefit Remote Teams?
20 Jul 2023

If you worked in a large office before 2010, your desk was probably engulfed by a giant box computer, you sat next to a colleague who was playing solitaire instead of working, and every time you switched on your computer you’d be forcibly greeted by a strange little internal company website.

That strange little ‘website’ was an intranet system and if you haven't seen one for a while you might think you’ve not missed it much.

But we’ve got news for you… intranets are back and they’ve had a reboot for the modern digital workplace, making them a must-have for those wishing to improve the employee satisfaction of their remote working and hybrid working teams.

What is an Intranet System?

An intranet system is a private, personalised website which is only accessible by an organisation and its employees. It’s built for internal sharing of information, improving efficiency, encouraging collaboration, and easier communication.

Aren’t Intranet Systems Outdated?

Well, the old ones are! But it’s 2023, intranets are back, and they’ve had a major makeover.

In fact, Halo intranet has been specifically developed with digital wellbeing in mind by our experienced remote team, for hybrid and remote teams, so it ticks all the boxes for flexible workplaces and demolishing and barriers to communication with its modern intranet features.

Why are Intranet Systems good for Remote and Distributed Teams?

When your team works remotely and may never even meet in person, creating a smooth flow of information, clear effective communication, and a genuinely engaging and positive working culture can be a little tricky.

Employers need to ace internal employee communication and provide tools that help employees to interact and access information whenever and wherever they work from.

With one login, Halo's staff intranet enables teams to do just that.

Tell me about the Halo Intranet Tools

There are sooo many, including:

  • Instant polling and employee engagement surveys so employees can share their opinions with employers and each other in a controlled way.
  • Interactive internal social media feed - a space for sharing and easily finding key information and photos, starting conversations, and building a positive and informed team culture focussed on employee engagement.
  • Shared company calendar and deadline alerts to keep your remote team in the loop for events and key dates.
  • Wellbeing and Perks zone - a space where employees can find wellbeing tips, support, and access company perks. A healthy and happy workplace increases employee retention.
  • Built-in productivity tools such as a Pomodoro timer and Focus Mode to help employees shut out distractions to improve focus.
  • Interactive staff directory where employees can get to know each other and share skills.
  • And so much more!

Can I get a Free Demo of Halo Intranet?

Of course!

Our team would love to introduce you to Halo intranet with a free no-strings-attached 30-minute demo and consultation to show you how it can transform your business. Contact us today.