What is Digital Distraction and does it impact Remote Workers?
19 Apr 2023

We are living in a hyper-connected world.

I write this whilst working from home and count 21 tabs open on my laptop - 10 of which are not work-related. My smartphone is within arm's reach, and I can see three other smart devices across the room ready to alert me to temperature changes, weather alerts, or to tell me that somebody’s at the door.

Digital distraction - where technology breaks your concentration or interrupts a task has become a part of everyday life. We now live in a nation where 96% of people own a smartphone and 71% of them say they never turn it off. Furthermore:

  • Over 2.2 million UK households are ‘smart’ households.
  • The average UK adult receives 93 notifications per day from social media apps alone

Digital distractions can include:

  • Surfing the internet or mindless scrolling
  • Online shopping
  • Checking social media
  • WhatsApp or social media messages
  • Notifications from smart devices

Remote workers spend their days surrounded by screens and smart devices, so with constant notifications and the history of all humanity just a quick Google away, how does digital distraction impact them? One survey found that:

  • Remote workers spend over 70 minutes per day surfing the internet for personal use
  • 85% of remote workers said they were likely to engage in non-work activities during working hours
  • 36% said they checked their personal social media accounts during working hours

How Halo Intranet Helps Remote Workers Tackle Digital Distraction

A study by the University of California found that it took participants 23 minutes and 15 seconds to fully focus again after a distraction. So every time we look at our WhatsApp, check personal emails or mindlessly surf the internet, it can have a huge impact on our focus and productivity.

That’s why intranet systems like Halo intranet are now a must-have for remote teams. Not only does Halo provide a unique shared work and social space for remote teams who want to nail great internal communication and team culture, but it’s packed with tools that help workers to manage digital distractions, including:

  • Pomodoro Focus Timer - Find it difficult to focus? Shut out the constant distractions and get things done with Halo’s built-in Pomodoro timer. Select a task, choose your time, press go and turn focus mode on and start work. When the timer sounds, take five and get ready to go again.
  • Customisable Wellbeing Zone - raise awareness of digital distraction and promote healthy digital habits, share well-being, burnout tips, healthy activities and perks to support a happier, healthier workforce.
  • Countdown Clock - Big deadline coming up? Keep your team focused and in the know with Halo’s shared countdown clock.
  • Single Sign-on - Access your company’s internal systems in one place, reducing the need to flick between tabs and waste time looking for passwords.

Sounds good? If you’d like to see Halo intranet in action contact our team for more information and a free demo.

By the way, I kept track and whilst writing this article, I received 5 WhatsApp messages, 2 emails, and 3 push notifications. But I was using my Pomodoro timer and ignored them all - honest!