Fable Data.

Fable Data is a market leader in the world of data, owning the most comprehensive anonymised dataset of European real time banking and credit card data, representing millions of consumers.

Fable’s company values - ‘People with Purpose’, ‘Whole World Thinking’ and ‘Individual Value, Collective Strength’ demonstrate a clear investment in its people.
With a staff team of more than 60 people based all over Europe and across the world, staying connected is key.

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Fable Data Case Study

The Challenge

As a collaborative organisation with staff in multiple locations all over the world, Fable Data needed a way of connecting colleagues and sharing information quickly and easily.
Managers wanted a central intranet system which staff would immediately feel comfortable with, encouraging interaction and making their lives easier. One of the key aims of all Halo intranet systems is to improve digital wellbeing, by reducing the stress of those daily tasks such as finding a key document or contact details of a colleague.

"One of the key aims of all Halo intranet systems is to improve digital wellbeing, by reducing the stress of those daily tasks…"

Fable is a growing company, meaning the volume of information in the business is rapidly increasing. The company has an incredibly collaborative ethos - with collaboration there is much information sharing, which has previously taken place over channels like Microsoft Teams and email. This can result in key comms being missed.
So how do you save, share and navigate this information, quickly and easily, within a hybrid-working organisation?

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The Challenge

"The Hive enables all of our colleagues to better navigate to key and critical company information. It prevents important announcements being missed, and is starting to help keep our more remote colleagues better connected."

- Mark Hill, Fable Data

Fable Data Stats

The Challenge

The Scoping

A key aim of our initial work with new clients is getting to the heart of what they need from their intranet. This typically takes the form of our experienced team making considered suggestions, whilst giving the client overall control of how their system will look and feel.
In this case, Fable wanted their intranet to be instantly familiar and welcoming to their staff, so we took already established elements of the organisation and gave them new life on the Halo system.

“Fable wanted their intranet to be instantly familiar and welcoming…”

A good example of this is the regular staff nomination feature: Fable previously used to invite staff to nominate a particularly helpful colleague to be named as ‘Queen Bee’ - that became a central feature on the new intranet system, providing familiarity whilst making the whole process quicker, easier and more accessible through the introduction of an interactive form.

Talking of bees, a central theme to Fable’s internal communications is the concept of a beehive, staff working together towards a common goal, so the intranet was designed to fit in with that ethos - starting with the name, The Hive, and continuing with all imagery and branding throughout the system.

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The Implementation

A key part of the implementation of The Hive was to ensure the system was complete with personal profiles for each member of staff. Thanks to regular dialogue between our team and the client, the perfect set of questions was compiled to ensure maximum benefit was derived from each profile.

Prompts like “My preferred way of working is…” and “How to get the best out of me…” enabled every member of staff to share vital information with each other - nurturing their sense of belonging and building their working relationships.

Every Halo system is bespoke: customised and designed so it looks and feels like part of your company, maximising trust and engagement with your staff.

The same goes for the features, and a big part of the implementation process is deciding with the client what features are included. In this case, our experienced team suggested a range of core features which were adapted to suit Fable’s specific needs.

As the team at Fable put it: “One key differentiator we felt early on was the ability to customise the Halo product, so it felt familiar and on brand - other alternatives did not offer this.”

The Implementation

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"The most useful features are the announcement feeds, the staff directory, the ability to navigate easily to key documents, and different systems and tools."


“As our team has grown, the staff directory is so invaluable to give everyone useful information about their colleagues. The staff directory is definitely one of our most used features.”

The Review

We keep in regular contact with clients to constantly update and refine the system to maximise its effectiveness. New features are added on a regular basis, such as:

The company’s subscription to the Financial Times newsfeed was embedded into The Hive so every member of staff could benefit quickly and easily.

The staff ideas form was enhanced following feedback to include the option of being able to make suggestions anonymously. The form now has a default format which does not require the staff member to include their name, but which can be added simply by ticking a box.

Key dates, such as deadlines for the staff ‘Queen Bee’ nominations, have been integrated into the company calendar.

A new feature was added to enable staff to request support. In a hybrid working environment it can be difficult for people to easily get in touch with someone when they need help. Now, they can click a button on the intranet system to submit a request to a senior member of staff for any kind of support. A fantastic example of how technology can directly improve the wellbeing of staff, and a great demonstration of how an effective intranet system can improve your organisation.

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Fable Data, a successful data buyers & suppliers company with staff spread across Europe came to us for help with the creation of a centralised intranet system. Due to the hybrid nature of their workers, they faced a lot of key issues that many companies struggle with including complications with communication across a wide spread team, storing and sharing information & key documents and worries around the wellbeing of their staff.

We targeted these needs and went forward with the implementation of our bespoke intranet system, which they decided to name and brand as “The Hive”. Through the initial implementation and after we kept in close contact with the clients to make sure their intranet was maintaining its effectiveness through adding and updating features. As well as the name, our features are customisable per client and Fable data decided to go forward with:

  • Personal profiles for each member of staff
  • An announcement feed for key notices and social feed for informal posts
  • Implementation of the companies news subscription directly into their intranet
  • Staff nominations forms
  • A synced company calendar
  • A support function that allows staff to request support if they are struggling (especially important for hybrid workers)
  • And many more of our core features (which can be found over on our [features pages])

After its implementation “The Hive” has allowed its remote users to stay as connected as ever whilst allowing them to share announcements & key data with one another, no matter where they are located.

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What Our Customers Say

We commissioned an Intranet for us that combined a number of internal systems and gave us the added benefit of a social hub where our teams can post news and comment. The team worked with us from the design concept through to launch. Throughout they were patient, listened and adapted their thoughts to meet the needs of our business. I’m delighted with the end result.

Neil Lloyd
FBC Manby Bowdler

We have been working with Six Ticks as our technology partner for over 3 years. During this time they have delivered on a number of creative projects, most recently this has included a new Intranet, which has been critical to our internal communications over the last few months. Six Ticks combines client focused account management with the best technical development team meaning they can provide innovative and flexible digital solutions that support our brand and the commitment we make to delivering a stellar service. They are also a fab team to work with, friendly, responsive and always on hand to provide practical guidance and advice. Thank you!

Laura Jones
FBC Manby Bowdler

We commissioned Six Ticks to create an Intranet for us that combined a number of internal systems and gave us the added benefit of a social hub where our teams can post news and comment. We've worked with Six Ticks for years and they always bring an innovative approach to the table. They worked with us from the design concept through to launch. I’m delighted with the end result, we now have a really engaging one-stop Intranet, which is very easy to use.

Shanice Pearson
FBC Manby Bowlder